It takes two to lie. One to lie and one to listen.
[Homer Simpson]
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Blender - Open Source 3D

Blender is an open source 3D package with all the standard functions and some rather nifty and very un-standard ones. It started out as an in-house tool at a Dutch animation company and grew a life of its own.

I take a certain pride, but mainly joy, in the fact that I was one of the surprisingly large group of people who decided to say adieu to 50 dollars in order to ensure Blender's survival and transformation into one of the most interesting and successful open source projects on the planet.

Since then Blender evolves steadily in all the right directions, and all the things that were right from the start remain. is the main source for downloads and more info. The site is an active community where loads of stuff happen. Check it out!


Why Blender
Some pro-Blender arguments to set you on the right path - if you're wondering whether it's worth the effort to learn a new application.
Here are miscellanous animations modelled and rendered in various versions of Blender.
Some still images modelled and rendered in Blender.
Tips & tutorials
Some tips & techniques that might come in handy.
Blender Links
There are tons of good Blender resources out there. Here are a few.
 is a web site