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Blender Links

There are tons of good Blender resources out there. Here are a few.


Blender.org is the main source for downloads and more info. The site is an active community where loads of stuff happen. Check it out!

» blender.org

Blender 3D: Noob to Pro
This Wiki Blender guide, with tutorials from beginner's level to advanced, might be a great help to get started (or perhaps become an expert). Please note, however, that like all Wikis it's a work in progress.

» Blender 3D: Noob to Pro

A classic Blender site with an active user forum. Tips, galleries, discussions...

» www.elysiun.com/

B@rt's Blender Tutorials
B@rt's tutorials have been around for a while but are still usefeul.

» www.vrotvrot.com/xoom/tutorials.html

Greybeard's Blender Tutorials
Tutorials in video format, for the lazy ones who don't want to read text :-) Seriously, though, video tutorials are a great way of getting acquainted with the application.

» www.ibiblio.org/bvidtute/

Blender 3D Model Repository
Too lazy to build your own objects? In dire need of some readymade objects? Here's a free, no registration required site that users can use for posting/downloading/sharing models.

» Blender 3D Model Repository

Feeblemind has a nice collection of tutorials (also available in French).

» Feeblemind

Michael's Blender Website
Here you can find some premade effects files, among other things. If you're wondering how to accomplish smoke, fire and things like that, it's a great place to start.

» Michael's Blender Website

BlenderNation promises "Fresh Blender News, Every Day" and appears to make good on that. Collected news from around the Blender world, by a community veteran.

» www.blendernation.com

Blender Texture Disc
The Blender Texture Disc, containing textures and materials, was created in 2001, in the NaN company days, and sold in the blender.org shop until 2005. Now it's available as a free download, and as a browsable online database.

Very handy!

» tellim.com/texture_cd/

Only recently discovered this site, but it's well worth a link. Active forums, tutorial links and more.

» BlenderArtists.org

ShowMeDo Video tutorials
When I started to learn Lightwave way back in the previous millennium, I found some VHS tutorials at the university which were immensely helpful. I still find this mode of learning to be one of the most effective methods. Here, Glen Moyes guides the user into the world of 3D and Blender. Well worth a look-see.

» ShowMeDo Video tutorials


Palaver.se is a web site